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Informatica being replaced by ODI in Oracle BI Apps

August 1, 2013

In a long anticipated move among both Fusion Intelligence and Oracle BI Apps customers, Oracle has released the first versions of its packaged business intelligence solution that replaces the third party tools of previous versions (IBM DataStage or Informatica Power Center) with Oracle Data Integrator as the back end ETL tool. You can find detailed […]

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11g Bug: Issue with equality operator on content filters

November 21, 2011

I ran into an weird issue yesterday trying to troubleshoot data security for my current gig. What it came down to is the fact that for some reason the equality operator in the expression below wasn’t being resolved correctly by OBI: LOWER( TRIM(“Data Warehouse”.””.”SCHEMA_NAME”.”ALS_BI_SEC_USER_DEPT”.”EMAIL_ADDRESS”)) = ( LOWER( TRIM( VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.”USER”)))) Even after toying with :USER, applying […]

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Changing the value of a session variable at the session level

November 12, 2011

I recently needed to update the value of a session variable beyond a prompt’s scope, I played a bit with the NQSSetSessionValue() ODBC function

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Troubleshoting Error: unable to get file lock, will retry …

July 21, 2011

Troubleshooting error BEA-141281 unable to get file lock, will retry …

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Fixing device references after importing a Linux guest in Oracle Virtual Box

June 9, 2011

After reading this post you should be better prepared to smoothly export and import Linux virtual machines from your Oracle Virtual Box servers by being ready to correct any disk device reference issues in fstab and grub.conf

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Configuring WebLogic Automated Startup Credentials

May 26, 2011

After reading this post you should be able to configure the file to provide the WebLogic server with startup credentials, a necessary step when configuring the server for automated startup …The WebLogic server does not start automatically, it is prompting for a user name and password    WebLogic not reading file

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OBIEE 10g Administration – useful linux environment variables

November 14, 2010

Create some basic variables in your OBIEEE Linux server

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Issues with DB Connection when creating the Informatica Power Center Repository

October 22, 2010

“An Exception has occurred. The database connection detail for service INFA_REPO_SVC are invalid. Please check log for details”

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