Quickly run through Oracle Application Server advanced installation


Installing OAS on a run:



  1. Login to your linux server as oracle and verify that your x-forwarding settings are correct by typing:
  2. Download the installation files and unpack them on the oracle user’s home, then start the installer with the following command:
  3. Verify the installation path, select the Advanced Install radio button, click next and confirm your choice on the dialog.
  4. Select “J2EE Server and Web Server” and click next.
  5. In the next screen the installation program performs several pre-requisite checks, verify that all tests succeed and then click “Next”.
  6. Let the installer use the default ports by leaving the “Automatic” option selected and click “Next”.
  7. Enter a name for this OAS instance and a password for the oc4jadmin user.
    NOTE: if you are installing OBIEE on this OAS instance leave the oc4j instance as-is to avoid running into installation issues. 



  8. Click next without making any changes on the cluster configuration screen.
  9. Almost done! Click install.
  10. Kickback and relax while the progress bar moves along, if you usually have bad software luck you might want to cross your fingers.
  11. For this one you’ll need to sign in as root or send email to your administrator to run this script.
  12. After you or your friendly systems administrator execute the script OUI goes on and finishes by executing several configuration steps.
  13. If you were crossing your fingers you can finally relax now, OAS has been installed! now be good and copy all the text in the gray area and email it to yourself or save it to your configuration repository.

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