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How To: Download, install, configure and verify you have the latest version of Opatch

Published on junio 9, 2013 By Ignacio de la Torre

On this post we will discuss all the steps necessary to ensure you have the correct version of the OPatch patching utility for oracle software running on your system.

Configuring OBIEE to run as a Windows Service

Published on febrero 24, 2013 By Ignacio de la Torre

One key step to configuring an enterprise deployment of Oracle Business Intelligence is to be setup your services to run in the background as Windows services and start automatically with your server. By default the installer will create windows services for Oracle Process Manager (OPMN) and the Weblogic Node Manager, this leaves us with the need to configure services for the Weblogic AdminServer and the BI Managed Server.

How To: Manage your Oracle patch deployment life cycle using Oracle Support Patch Plans

Published on diciembre 8, 2012 By Ignacio de la Torre

As part of my writing I often try to document and share best practices I develop on my day to day work, this one relates to formalizing the patch deployment process for your oracle environments …

Error: [nQSError: 23026] The logical column referenced by DESCRIPTOR_IDOF does not specify a Descriptor ID column.

Published on mayo 10, 2012 By Ignacio de la Torre

Description This error message is associated with the “Descriptor ID” feature introduced with OBIEE 11g. This feature is aimed at transparently replacing descriptor fields (ie. Department Name) with their equivalent ID fields (ie. Department ID) on the WHERE clause of SQL statements issued by the BI server. This is achieved by selecting a “Descriptor ID” […]

Issue with [nQSError: 10040] The requested data source name is either not found, incomplete, or incorrect. (IM002)

Published on marzo 29, 2012 By Ignacio de la Torre

Problem: The OBIEE 11g presentation service fails to start. Symptoms: Error Code: “IM002. Code: 10040. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: IM002] [nQSError: 10040]The requested data source name is either not found, incomplete, or incorrect. (IM002)”   Cause: The DSN tag value on the instanceconfig.xml file is incorrect or a valid data source is missing.   Solution: Verify that […]

How to launch OBIEE Catalog Manager in 11g

Published on marzo 15, 2012 By Ignacio de la Torre

In secondary cluster node systems and versions before a shortcut to the OBIEE Catalog Manager was not created by the install utility, when running on a Windows Box you can easily solve this by running the runcat.cmd file on the Catalog Manager Path: <Middleware Home>\instances\instance<Instance Number>\bifoundation\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1\catalogmanager An example of the this path on a […]

11g Bug: Issue with equality operator on content filters (spanish)

Published on noviembre 21, 2011 By ignacio


Como modificar el valor de una variable de sesion globalmente

Published on noviembre 12, 2011 By ignacio

I recently needed to update the value of a session variable beyond a prompt’s scope, I played a bit with the NQSSetSessionValue() ODBC function

Default Web Catalog Path in OBIEE 11g

Published on junio 2, 2011 By Ignacio de la Torre

This post should guide users new to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition version 11g familiarize themselves with changes in directory structure and to be able to locate the OBIEE 11g web catalog directory…

Configuring WebLogic Automated Startup Credentials

Published on mayo 26, 2011 By ignacio

After reading this post you should be able to configure the boot.properties file to provide the WebLogic server with startup credentials, a necessary step when configuring the server for automated startup ...The WebLogic server does not start automatically, it is prompting for a user name and password    WebLogic not reading boot.properties file

Nota de Interes: Oracle anuncia version de OBIEE

Published on mayo 10, 2011 By Ignacio de la Torre

Oracle anuncia un adaptador BAPI con conectividad nativa a SAP BW, adicionalmente OBIEE permite a usuarios de iPad e iPhone consumir dashboards y reportes facil e intuitivamente

Environment variables to simplify your life – OBIEE 11g System Administrator Edition

Published on abril 19, 2011 By Ignacio de la Torre

As I spend a lot of time switching between a very well defined set of directories in the Oracle Middleware home for OBIEE 11g I have been developing a list of variables that I like to use in my scripts and configure in the servers that I most commonly work with. They have proven to […]