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PeopleSoft EPM Dimension NULL records

Published on June 11, 2010 By Ignacio de la Torre

How to handle cases where configuration tables like PS_GVT_POI_TBL or other feature sets that don’t apply to your company are not being implemented. In many cases complete dimensions will be empty and look-ups in fact jobs will fail.

EPM Integration Updates

Published on March 25, 2010 By Ignacio de la Torre

In order to move PeopleSoft HRMS9.0 data into EPM9.0 your team will need to deploy the ETL “Integration Update” for HRMS9.0 (HRMS=HCM). IU jobs need to be deployed to a separate project if you are running on linux.

Leverage PeopleSoft EPM Data Lineage Spreadsheets

Published on February 28, 2010 By Ignacio de la Torre

(English) Not having to do all the leg work necessary to arrive at table-level data lineage in the PeopleSoft EPM Warehouse is a great testimony to good documentation and a great culture back there at big PS….

PeopleSoft EPM:Applying Maintenance Packs and Bundles (Updates)

Published on January 30, 2010 By Ignacio de la Torre

We had one or two issues related to DataStage ETL maps that were skipped when we applied MP5 and multiple bundles on our development environment.  To prevent this issue from happening again I decided to re-install all of our ETL maps from scratch using a Sharepoint wiki to keep track of the update level applied […]