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Real Time Operational Business Intelligence with GoldenGate

Published on septiembre 1, 2013 By Ignacio de la Torre

Oracle Corporation’ (ORCL) acquisition of Golden Gate Software on July of 2009 was a big step for Oracle in its quest to build a open and heterogeneous product line that will be more appealing to enterprise customers with complex OLTP and data warehouse environments. You can find a detailed presentation of the considerations that were […]

Sunopsis seven years after it’s acquisition

Published on enero 15, 2013 By Ignacio de la Torre

On October of 2006 Oracle acquired Sunopsisa sofware company whose flagship product was one of the up-and-coming players in the datata warehousing arena. Sunopsis for easy integration in environments with multiple database systems and differentiated itself by adopting an Extract-Load-Transform architecture that decreased the learning curve for database developers that were immediately able to create […]

Verifying the pre-requisites for an Oracle Database Install on SUSE Linux

Published on agosto 10, 2012 By Ignacio de la Torre

This is a list of the parameters and configuration settings you should first check when installing the oracle database into a personal/sandbox environments, I made a note of them to allow me to verify them quickly without going through all the documentation for every install. This assumes you will not use ASM on your new […]

Drop [oracle] database (and clean after yourself)

Published on junio 30, 2010 By Ignacio de la Torre

Clean database and control files after dropping database