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Issue: WordPress sticky posts always on top instead of being incorporated in the default descending date sort for blog home

January 19, 2012

I am using WordPress 3.1, I was able to solve this issue by customizing the call to the query_posts() function in my theme’s home.php file. The only customization necessary was adding the ignore_sticky_posts variable at the end of the query string as illustrated below. Current code in my theme: query_posts($category."&paged=$paged&showposts=$number_posts"); Tweaked code: query_posts($category."&paged=$paged&showposts=$number_posts&ignore_sticky_posts=1");

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List of Bug Fixes Included In OBIEE

January 5, 2012

The following is the list of Bugs fixed in OBIEE Release grouped by component : Admin Tool * 7538753 SAP BW IMPORT DOES NOT RETRIEVE UNIQUE NAME FOR MEASURE COLUMNS * 10012297 ADMIN TOOL CRASH ON VERY LARGE EXPRESSIONS – OVERFLOW AT APPROX 3200 CHARACTERS * 10032385 TABLE MISSING IN SQL "FROM" CLAUSE – […]

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