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Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a first pass on desigining documentation and project management templates for our PeopleSoft implementation along with two of my co-workers, here’s some of the lessons we have learned as we started working with the KISS principle in mind:


  • We are a state institution beginning a very large ERP implementation with limited resources so project controllership is a key role but we strive to keep resource overhead related to our documentation templates to a minimum.
  • We started with a list of documents in mind but we also created a list of sample requiremens and project management activities ranging from “Implement HR Benefits Administration”, “Add XYZ account to chart of accounts” to “Add space to server logical volume”, this helped validate our list of documents could accomodate all kinds of activities and figure out some of the attributes/information that should be captured in all of them.
  • Some of our initial documents are:
    • Statement of work / project plan
    • Fastrack Project Charter (for smaller projects)
    • Functional Requirements Speficication
    • Technical Requirements Specification


  • We took a requirements gathering class at the TDWI Conference and the instructor provided a neat excel spreadsheet where input to certain columns was done via drop down menus, this is a very nice way to maintain consistency and drive standardization.
  • We try no to include any non-essential information in these forms to minimize overhead and allow the form to be as generic as possible.


  • Becky and Mary have foudn a great way to make these templates available by creating a folder hierarchy that resembles project organization in a file share accessible to all members of the project team.

More to come on this as the project keeps rolling… enjoy  your weekend!

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