Configuring WebLogic Automated Startup Credentials


As one of those who have recently acquired administrator duties as part of our organizations push to adopt OBIEE 11g I recently struggled with the issue of how to correctly start the Web Logic server so that it would not die with my session expiration

The main issue I faced was the fact that every time I tried to start WebLogic I would be asked for the administrator username and password, this really got in the way of automating the WebLogic startup. After a little bit of digging into the WebLogic Server Documentation I discovered a section about the file and how use it to configure the startup credentials so that input from a command prompt wouldn’t be necessary. Here are the simple steps to implement this configuration:
  1. Locate the $MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/[domain (ie. bifoundation)]/servers/[managed server (ie. biserver_1)]/security
  2. Edit the file by entering or replacing the following lines:username=
  3. Execute the commands below to stop the WebLogic server:cd $MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/bifoundation/bin
  4. Now execute the command below to bring the server back up:./startWebLogic.shNote: Notice how this script will no longer ask you to enter the WebLogic administrator’s user name and password.
  5. Review the credentials in the file, the first time the server is started it will read the clear text credentials and replace them with encrypted $MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/bifoundation/servers/biserver_1/security
After this configuration is in place you are now able to configure WebLogic to start automatically with your server without nay mayor issues:
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After reading this post you should be able to configure the file to provide the server with startup credentials, a necessary step when configuring the WebLogic Server automated startup. This post should also help in answering or resolving these related topics:
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