Commentary: Oracle releases OBIEE


This past week Oracle released a Oracle Business Intelligence which supersedes This is the link to the download page. It is my anticipation that most of the commentary about this release will center around two much anticipated features:

  • The “Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile” App that allows executives and other corporate users to consume business intelligence content from Apple mobile devices such as the iPad or the iPhone.This is how the new OBIEE 11g Map Viewer control used in the context of a revenue map looks in the iPad.
  • A native (BAPI) adapter that allows repository developers to access SAP BW InfoCubes as regular data sources in the physical layer of the OBIEE 11g repository / semantic model. This is of particular interest for organizations such as one of my clients that have significant investments on their SAP BW implementations but want to deploy those information assets using OBIEE 11g to leverage a single enterprise semantic model.

So, are you ready to use OBIEE 11g in your production environment? I look forward to reading your questions and comments!

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