Uninstall Oracle Application Server


Here’s my latest run on uninstalling Oracle Application Server from a SuSE 10 Enterprise box:

Important: Be sure to backup your OAS instance and the OAS repository database before you proceed with these instructions.

  1. Run oracle universal installer from the OAS home directory:
  2. Click on “Deinstall products…” and select the oracle home where your application server resides.
  3. Click on “Remove” and confirm you want to remove OAS on the dialog that pops up.
    Once the progress bar dialog disappears your application server binaries have been removed.
  4. Backup the directories directly above your ORACLE_HOME directory
    ls $ORACLE_HOME/..
    cd $ORACLE_HOME/..
    mkdir oas_inst_bak1
    #modify accordingly
    mv OracleAS_1 inst_bak_1/
    mv OracleAS_2 inst_bak_1/
    mv OracleAS_3 inst_bak_1/
  5. Log in to your  OAS repository database (the one that’s already backed up) and drop it.

P.S.: Complete instructions to be found on Oracle’s OTN at http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B32110_01/install.1013/b32198/deinst.htm#CHDHFGDA

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